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Jenifer Nielson


Jen Lee Nielson has always had a passion for the art of dance. Growing up, she participated in her schools dance team and was involved in performing a variety of dance styles. Pursuing her career in dance she moved to Los Angeles and trained at some of the most prestigious studios, such as Millennium Dance Complex, International Dance Academy, Debbie Reynolds Studio and others. She also has trained and worked with many acclaimed artists and dancers such as; Sevyn, Chris Brown, Akon, Orianthy, Green, Comfort Fedoke, Shotyme, Apollo Sadeek, Tokyo, Nathan Trasoras, Alec Clawson, Footwork Kings, Bob Powers, Kimberley Carroll and more. Jen loves all styles of dance and works hard to train in as many as she can. Now she has taken her passion back to Arizona and loves to teach others about the art of dance. She is dedicated to Arthur Murray Mesa and really appreciates the care they have for every student. As a proud instructor of the Arthur Murray family her true mission is to inspire others to do what they love. “Live, Laugh, Love, Dance!”

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