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Tyler Langlais


Tyler Langlais began dancing at the age of 16 ½, when a girl told him he was not a good dancer. For that next year he taught myself how to dance, starting in the Hip Hop genre and by watching YouTube videos of different dancers that inspired him on the internet. At the age of 18 he began studio training at a Hip Hop studio in Gilbert Arizona, known as the Jukebox. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that he began ballroom dancing. His interests in dance ran through all styles from Ballroom, to hip hop, to ballet, contemporary, Jazz, modern, Capaweta, African styles, and more. Tyler has trained with many dancers from all genres who specialize in those styles as well as being known for dancing those styles. He has taught all over the valley at different high schools as a guess instructor, choreographer, as well as performed for those schools. Tyler also has performed at many clubs in Arizona such as The Venue in Scottsdale and School of Rock Night club in Tempe; to name a couple. Tyler is studying at Arizona State University where he specializes in dance as well as math (Statistics) and psychology. Tyler takes great pride in his students and expects nothing but the best from them in any way that being “the best” would mean for them. He feels that it is important to understand origin and respect it because it is the birthplace of creativity and is where the decision to begin, began. With that he asks: “Why do you Dance?”

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