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Lots of different dance styles in a positive environment.

Lindsay Herzog Avatar
Lindsay H.

My husband and I take from Hugo and think he’s fantastic. He does a great job customizing the lesson for our needs. He gives me tips on how... read more

Teri Herzog Avatar
Teri H.

We take from Hugo, who’s fantastic. He does a great job making analogies between dance and sports for my husband who has an athletic background. All the instructors... read more

Teri Herzog Avatar
Teri H.

We are on our second instructor at AMDC, Hugo, and he is wonderful. He did a great job at picking up where our last instructor left off, and we... read more

Zach Reese Avatar
Zach R.

Wonderful instructors. Lovely fun culture. 😊

Grace Cavanaugh Avatar
Grace C.

Fantastic experience. Visiting from the Philadelphia area and enjoyed every part of the group class.

John Miller Avatar
John M.

Love this studio! Wonderful, top professionals and such a friendly atmosphere!

MnS Eddy Avatar
MnS E.

A lot of fun.

H. Warren Mathusek Avatar
H. W.
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