Arthur Murray Process

How Students are taught

  • You will start with a 30-minute sample Personal Lesson.
  • Your first Starter Program will be an introductory course. Here you will learn the basics to several different popular dances to see which ones you like and can learn the quickest and easiest.
  • Your Instructor will explain the Medal Standards — Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold Bar — that are taught and will plan a personalized dance program to fulfill your specific needs and desires.
  • The majority of students who come to an Arthur Murray Dance Center are interested in becoming good social dancers and our Medalist programs will help you achieve that goal.
  • The degree of dancing you will achieve varies depending on your desire, goals, commitment and interest.
  • Arthur Murray Dance Centers can train you in the latest techniques, steps, and styles. Indeed, we boast some of the top competitive couples in the world today.


  • Our Certified Instructors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained in the exclusive Arthur Murray teaching method to assure you the finest instruction in dancing.
  • You will have a regular dance Instructor who will be responsible for your progress and a buddy Instructor who shares the responsibility of reaching your goals.
  • Periodically, you will have exchange lessons with other Instructors so you can experience adapting to a variety of dance partners and styles.

Personal Lessons

  • During your one-on-one Personal Lesson, you will receive personalized instruction that will help you achieve your goals in dancing.
  • Your Instructor will spend the time necessary on technique, styling, and general dance improvement.
  • An up-to-date record of everything you have learned will also kept as part of your instruction.
  • Personal Lessons are scheduled in advance, by appointment.

Group Classes

  • Small Group Classes give you the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good habits, and meet other students in the Studios.
  • Your Instructor will provide a calendar of the Group Classes and will recommend the best selection of classes to attend for your learning level.  Group Classes do not need to be reserved in advance to give you flexibility in scheduling.  (Regular Personal Lesson schedules must be maintained to allow class attendance.)  The most successful students consistently attend as many classes as possible; you may come as your schedule permits.
  • In our small Group Classes we emphasize technique, style and variation of patterns.  You may learn new combinations, refresh familiar steps, or gain exposure to enhanced dance elements.

Practice Sessions & Parties

  • Social Practice Sessions / Mixers / Mingles and in-Studio dance Parties turn “fear factor” into FUN factor!
  • These social events are great exercise, provide an easy way to review what you’ve been learning in your Personal Lessons and Group Classes, and a give you a chance to mingle with other students.
  • Practice Sessions provide a time for you and fellow students to try out new dance skills with the added benefit of your Instructors’ help with questions and adjustments.
  • Dance Parties are like “dress rehearsals” for all your special occasions.  In our relaxed, comfortable, party atmosphere you’ll have fun dancing with everyone while your Instructors will still be available to guide your steps as needed.  Life is a party at Arthur Murray!

Medal Balls

  • Our Annual Student Medal Ball Holiday Gala & Dance Graduation honors students who “graduate” from one level of their Medalist Standards dance program to the next.
  • Medal Balls join together several Arthur Murray Dance Centers to enjoy an elegant evening of dancing and celebrating.
  • Students and guests alike revel not only in the students’ graduation, but also highlight the year’s accomplishments with a gourmet dinner and professional show.

Spotlights, Showcases, & Arthur Awards

  • Spotlight (Freestyles) Nights are a time to demonstrate what you’ve been discovering and practicing in all your sessions.  These no-pressure dance evenings are hosted in a lively, familiar social setting: your home Studios!  Spotlight Nights are designed to help build confidence in your dancing, to help progress your social dancing skills, and to continue preparing you for other events.
  • Showcase (Choreographed Routines) Nights provide a wonderful chance to present individualized  choreography.  These routines make an exciting addition to your Medalist Program because they allow you to develop showmanship and musical expression along with your social and performance dance skills.
  • Arthur Awards weekends — unique to the Central New Jersey locations — are part recital, part performance, and part competition rehearsal.  Students savor the thrill of performing social dances or choreographed pieces “on stage,” and everyone delights in seeing professional exhibitions by your Instructors.  As a recital opportunity, it’s the perfect time to demonstrate your dance progress; as a competition rehearsal, it’s great to have your supportive Studio “fans” cheering for you before taking your dancing “on the road.”

One-Day Events & Dance-O-Ramas

  • Local or regional One-Day Events take us out of our home Studios and expand the Spotlights / Showcases / Arthur Awards excitement to include participants from other Studios.  These next-level performances prepare you for larger audiences, advance your performance skills, and show you the fun side of Arthur Murray competitions!  Some social dancing, the awards show, and a warm, supportive audience complete the event.
  • A Dance-O-Rama (DOR or DanceSport Competition) is an exhilarating multi-day event that brings students together from many Arthur Murray Dance Centers to compete, at their level, in dance styles of their choosing.
  • You have the chance to display polished techniques, artistry, and choreography learned in training; professional competitors show us their specialized mastery; and your dance family gathers for one of the high points of the Arthur Murray lifestyle.  Many dancers take advantage of the DOR experience to gain “backstage” access to performing “on stage,” to explore the many benefits of preparing for competitions, or to travel to exceptional vacation destinations.


  • Arthur Murray Mesa Reviewed by John Cook - student on Aug 13 . My advice to single me. Do it!! Women definitely like it when you actually know how to handle yourself. Women can tell and it doesn’t hurt. There tends to be a lot of very attractive women at these things. You get to meet a different set of women. Wherever you go to hang out, there will be a particular kind of women there and dancing there tends to be a whole new different set. So it is a nice change.
    John Cook
  • "Ballroom dancing is actually a very athletic activity. It really helps give you confidence in your agility and it really helps to make life fun!"
    Jim Johnson
  • "Dancing has made me feel wonderful. It has a chance to use your whole body and rhythm in unison with a partner."
    Nancy Johnson
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