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Here is a list of our ballroom dance instructors here at Arthur Murray in Mesa, AZ:

Bob Powers


Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova are former 12 Time US Rhythm Champions and 3 Time World Mambo Champions. Bob has been with the Arthur Murray Organization since 1978 as an instructor, supervisor, manager, International Dance Board member and now as a Franchisee. Bob is also a certified adjudicator with the National Dance Council of America and the World Dance Council and recently received the distinguished honor of being inducted into the ballroom dancers "Hall of Fame". Bob and his wife Julia are also the creators and exclusive owners of Core Rhythms; a Latin Dance Fitness Program. Core Rhythms was the number one fitness product sold on air for two consecutive years.

Carolyn Dominguez


Carolyn Dominguez is a top ranked professional dance competitor as well as one the top female instructors in the Arthur Murray organization. Not only does she manage and teach for the Mesa Arthur Murray studio, but she travels and trains at many of the studios worldwide.

Carolyn, along with her former partner moved quickly up the ranks in both the American Smooth and Rhythm divisions. They consistently placed at the top of the Open division in the American Rhythm and Smooth divisions over the last couple of years. One of their favorite dances is the Mambo, which they were placed 3rd at the 2009 and 2010 National Championships in Florida as well as 5th at the World Mambo championships held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They were awarded the 2009 Arthur Murray World Nine Dance Champion title and placed 2nd at the United States 9 Dance Championship. Carolyn attained one of the most prestigious awards winning the Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Rhythm Championship in 2010 as well as the top teacher at the Arthur Murray Superama in 2013. She is truly one of the companies top female instructors and managers.

Her titles include:
Rising Star champions- Ohio Star Ball, Vegas World Dance-o-Rama, Michigan Dance Challenge, Colorado Star Ball, California Star Ball, Yankee Classic, Galaxy Dance Festival. Open champions- Sapphire Dancesport Championships, Flamingo Dance-o-Rama, Unique Dance-o-Rama, Northstar Dance-o-Rama, Washington National, Boston Dance-O-Rama.

Malissa Crawford

Administrative Assistant

I was born and raised in New Jersey. At a very young age I fell in love with the Radio City Musical Hall Rockettes. By the young age of 9 I was presented with the opportunity to join my best friend in dance class. I started learning jazz, ballet and tap, which I did for 2 years. Later in my teen years I joined a local dance team preforming in parades, school functions and many school plays. My all time favorite was Bye Bye Birdie. In my early 20’s, along with family and friends, I would go into the city of Philadelphia to local clubs where I discovered salsa. I also dabbled in hula and belly dancing. I have always been obsessed with any and all dance movies as well as t.v. shows. I joined the Arthur Murray Mesa Dance Studio Mesa in November 2012. I honestly believe this is where I was meant to be. I have the best job in the entire world! I love my ballroom family and the students are amazing. I get to be the little girl who fell in love with the Rockettes everyday!

Jenifer Nielson


Jen Lee Nielson has always had a passion for the art of dance. Growing up, she participated in her schools dance team and was involved in performing a variety of dance styles. Pursuing her career in dance she moved to Los Angeles and trained at some of the most prestigious studios, such as Millennium Dance Complex, International Dance Academy, Debbie Reynolds Studio and others. She also has trained and worked with many acclaimed artists and dancers such as; Sevyn, Chris Brown, Akon, Orianthy, Green, Comfort Fedoke, Shotyme, Apollo Sadeek, Tokyo, Nathan Trasoras, Alec Clawson, Footwork Kings, Bob Powers, Kimberley Carroll and more. Jen loves all styles of dance and works hard to train in as many as she can. Now she has taken her passion back to Arizona and loves to teach others about the art of dance. She is dedicated to Arthur Murray Mesa and really appreciates the care they have for every student. As a proud instructor of the Arthur Murray family her true mission is to inspire others to do what they love. "Live, Laugh, Love, Dance!"

Tyler Langlais


Tyler Langlais began dancing at the age of 16 ½, when a girl told him he was not a good dancer. For that next year he taught myself how to dance, starting in the Hip Hop genre and by watching YouTube videos of different dancers that inspired him on the internet. At the age of 18 he began studio training at a Hip Hop studio in Gilbert Arizona, known as the Jukebox. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that he began ballroom dancing. His interests in dance ran through all styles from Ballroom, to hip hop, to ballet, contemporary, Jazz, modern, Capaweta, African styles, and more. Tyler has trained with many dancers from all genres who specialize in those styles as well as being known for dancing those styles. He has taught all over the valley at different high schools as a guess instructor, choreographer, as well as performed for those schools. Tyler also has performed at many clubs in Arizona such as The Venue in Scottsdale and School of Rock Night club in Tempe; to name a couple. Tyler is studying at Arizona State University where he specializes in dance as well as math (Statistics) and psychology. Tyler takes great pride in his students and expects nothing but the best from them in any way that being “the best” would mean for them. He feels that it is important to understand origin and respect it because it is the birthplace of creativity and is where the decision to begin, began. With that he asks: “Why do you Dance?”

Liz Davidson

Assistant Counselor\Specialist\Instructor

Liz Davidson grew up dancing and has a strong background in cheer and pom. She began in basic Pom and Cheer classes, participated in parades and competitions. Accepted into Performing Team in 2003 to perform at various locations across the East Valley, including but not limited to parades, competitions, and Arizona female football team game. Liz also worked at The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney's Hollywood Studios where she managed guest issues to provide the best retail experience for all guests. She was recognized for her outstanding customer service through nine service recognition awards in seven months.

Hugo Aldana


Hugo has been involved in athletics through a good part of his life including football, baseball and wrestling. He's trained in customer service and public relations for many years. For the past few years he's been social dancing and learning many of the popular dances. He looks forward to combining his athletic skills, people skills and social dance skills to become one of the Arthur Murray Mesa dance instructors. His bright and warm personality make him a staff favorite.

Justin Kaiser


Justin has been with Arthur Murray Dance Centers since 2001. He has a passion for helping his students discover the life changing benefits that dance has to offer. His accomplishment include Arthur Murray Rising Star Smooth Champion, Arthur Murray Open Smooth Finalist and American Lindy Hop Champion. He has been on the top 20 list of teachers in the organization for a number of years.

Being of Hispanic descent, Ana grew up dancing to the Latin rhythm and music, Cumbias, in particular. As a child, she watched Dancing With the Stars and immediately fell in love with ballroom dancing but it wasn't until her senior year of high school that she decided to pursue ballroom. Being a quick learner and having a natural sense of rhythm, it didn't take long for her to flourish on the dance floor. After a couple of years of training at a local valley studio, she decided to pursue a career with the Arthur Murray Mesa studio and has been there ever since. Ana is driven by her passion for the tremendous positive impact that dance has had in her life and aspires to share the power of dance with her students.

At Arthur Murray Mesa we work as a team; any instructor can work with any student. Every instructor has a strong suite and is able to help in numerous unique ways. We find it benefits the learning process to work with a number of instructors rather than get attached to just one. After all, most people come in to be able to go out and dance with anyone and everyone. Getting used to just one instructor can hinder that.